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What is the Digital Reserve?

Digital Reserve (DR) is an online platform where DRC token holders will be able to get easy exposure to a basket of the most efficient store of value (SoV) assets to preserve their capital and hedge inflation risks.

On launch there will be two DR Vaults to choose from, with a third DR Vault to be developed after release. Rebalancing will occur on some portfolio allocations either weekly or monthly, depending on market conditions and users can withdraw at any time.

A 1% fee will be applied at the time of withdrawal, which helps fund the portfolio strategy rebalancing and development of the Digital Reserve. Fees are sent to the DRC Foundation Fund Multi-sig Wallet.

Note: If you already hold DRC tokens, using the Digital Reserve is optional. The DR Platform is a suitable option for people who want a simple and secure solution to preserve the USD value of their personal DRC holdings. Alternatively, people can simply hold their DRC tokens and rely on its potential price appreciation.

Digital Reserve Vault

Currently under active development and security auditing COMING SOON Launch expected by end of Q1 2021